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Empowering health one bite at a time.


Work with me!

I want to empower you to make the lifestyle changes that will lead you to good health and vitality.


We will start with an initial consultation to evaluate where you are, looking at your current eating habits, goals and needs from a holistic perspective and creating an actionable plan based on your individual needs and lifestyle. Includes a personalized nutrition summary complete with daily food goals and self-care takeaways. 

Mission Statement:

To use evidence-based nutrition to empower people to make sustainable
healthy choices based on individual goals and lifestyle.


Welcome! I’m Margie, I am a certified Holistic Nutritionist who loves helping people make simple, sustainable, holistic lifestyle changes that lead to a life full of  energy, confidence and vitality.  Food is medicine, and simple changes in our nutrition and lifestyle can be empowering and life changing.


My nutrition journey has evolved over several decades.  I was a highly sensitive, overweight, asthmatic child who grew into a  young woman who was always chasing the perfect diet.  After much soul searching and research, I blossomed in to an older, wiser woman and discovered health and happiness through holistic nutrition.  Like a seed lying dormant in the soil for many years, I have finally sprouted.

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“When it came to my nutrition, I felt lost, confused, and unsure of how to make necessary adjustments. I needed an unbiased third-party; someone who wants to help, and could provide straight-forward advice that is structured specifically for me. Margie helped restore my confidence by listening to me, working with me, and by educating me.  I discovered that if I made the right choices and was aware of the things going into my body that I can take control of both my body and mind. Plus, those clothes that weren't quite fitting anymore suddenly started fitting again!  I highly recommend Margie's services to anyone who is ready to commit to living a better life and learning how to care for yourself."


“I knew that I had a serious sugar addiction, but I didn’t know how to stop it.  Margie designed a meal plan for me that helped me cut the sugar out of my life and appreciate the taste of real food.  I have lost weight and I feel great.  Growing older doesn’t mean that I have to feel old.  With the help of Sprout Nutrition and Wellness, I am living my best life."


My husband and I hired Margie to create a meal plan for us that would help us reach our goals of healthy nutrition and lifestyle.  She provided professional knowledge, abundant amounts of thoughtfulness, caring, patience and support.  She was available to answer questions and gave us feedback and suggestions throughout our journey.  Margie is knowledgeable about nutrition and amazingly gentle.  She gets 5 stars from us!


I reached out to Sprout Nutrition because I felt like I was at a “stand still” with my body as it pertained to my physical and mental well-being.  Once I hit my 50’s, I felt like no matter what I did or ate, I wasn’t getting the results I wanted.  Connecting with Margie with Sprout Nutrition was one of the best things I did for myself!  Not only did she provide nutrition advice that was easy and made sense, but she also took the time to check in on me often and provided encouragement to not give up!  If I had a bad day or bad week, she encouraged and motivated me.  In connecting with Margie, not only did I get someone who was thoroughly knowledgeable of the science of nutrition, but I also found one of the most positive, encouraging people I know! 


“Margie is a wonderful person with a great gift of connecting with people and helping others find healthy routines and wellness. I have worked with her one-on-one for nutrition coaching and attended her workshops. During her private sessions, she listened intently to my needs and goals and helped me figure out a plan
that worked for me. Together she and I developed solid and concrete goals and paths to success,
and I found the entire experience to be extremely personalized and spot-on. I will continue to work with
Margie on my nutrition and wellness needs, as well as attend her classes and workshops.
I highly recommend Margie to all my friends and family! "


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